Virgo: The grass you water is the grass that grows.

In this life we all have to fight for the things that we want. Sometimes, we fight for things of great importance. Other times, we fight for insignificant things that won’t matter six months from now.

The advice for you, Virgo, is to know what you’re fighting for and commit to the task. The crystal for your message is called Pyrite, otherwise known as Fool’s Gold. This crystal is the perfect clarifier for your message.

Sure. Pyrite looks like gold, has a similar weight, and it may fool some people if you present it as a gold nugget to an untrained eye but, you will still go home knowing that what you have is not as valuable as actual gold.

Treasure the real things in your life like your family, friends, spouse, kids, passion projects, and life goals. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted away from your treasure chest of real people and experiences.

Chasing superficial, surface level, fleeting, short term gains, and other people’s ideas of prosperity, is chasing fool’s gold.

Be present, stand your ground, protect the things and people that are important to you, they are the true gold nuggets in your life.

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