Libra: Divine Intervention is at work in your life.

It’s all coming together for you Libra!

I’m hearing that you are divinely protected and being guided to your new beginnings. If you’ve been having issues with your finances, home/family, work, making decisions, travel or anything else, know that this was Spirit moving in your life.

To get you to the place you needed to be, some things had to be moved, removed, blocked, and allowed to take place. The people you’ve met, experiences you’ve had, messages you’ve received, lessons you’ve learned were all necessary to take you where you have been trying to go.

Picture your life as a fresh farm, the ground has to be destroyed by tilling and overturning the top soil before you can plant anything in it. This is hard work. Depending on the size of the farm, you may even need to enlist help. The farm represents your dreams and goals, the tilling is your spiritual awakening. Once the prep work has been done, you can plant your seeds and with care attention, love, nurturing, you will begin to see the results of your work sprout up right before your eyes.

See your recent hardships as spirit preparing you. Things had to be overturned so that fresh seeds could be planted and cultivated. The results of this work will produce the abundance that is coming in to you.

Congratulations Libra! Don’t forget the lessons you learned and how hard you worked to get here.

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