Leo: Measure twice, cut once.

You may be getting fucked in the paper work Leo.

If you’re in the process of finalizing any contracts, I’d strongly encourage you to have a lawyer take a second look before you sign.

You’re about to sign a deal that isn’t offering you what you think it is.

If you aren’t signing any contracts, evaluate areas in your life where you aren’t receiving your fair share. Keep your eyes open.

You may be learning that someone you’re romantically involved, with who you think is looking for the same things that you are, is actually out to take advantage of you financially.

If you’re getting a raise at wok, get clear about the details involved in the pay increase, someone may be trying to slide in more responsibilities with the pay bump.

If you’re buying a car, take it to an independent dealer to give it a once over.

The point here Leo, is that someone is trying to get over on you. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Side eye EVERYBODY!

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