Scorpio: You have everything you need.

Spirit has given you all the tools you need to complete the manifestation you asked for. Are you going to use them or keep sending up more manifestation prayers?

A manifestation without action is a waste of energy. It’s not enough to align yourself with what you’re after, you actually have to put action behind it.

If you’re manifesting better skin, spirit heard your request and has lead you to a dermatologist who specializes in your specific case, made a way for you to take the day off work or, the person you are lead to works weekends. Spirit has increased your income to accommodate the cost of the visit. But you’re going to have to do your part and show up for the appointment to see your manifestation become tangible.

Scorpio, you’re squandering the things you asked for.

If you’ve been wanting to take a trip, spirit is saying you will be able to go with a little smart money management.

If you’re trying to change careers, you have been aligned with the people who will help you make the change.

You’re going to have to recognize the gifts that are laid in front of you to complete your goal.

I know it’s scary to be so close to your dreams coming true. The fear can immobilize you, sure. But if you allow it to, you will never see what you are capable of doing and they ways your spirit team has been waiting to bring more abundance, happiness, love, and support into your life.

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