Taurus: Random acts of kindness

Don’t let the sourness you’ve experienced recently change your sweet nature.

Things may be hard for you right now financially and that’s enough to have anyone down in the spirits but what you need to remember is you are protected and provided for. You’ve been beating yourself up about things that are outside of your control and that isn’t helping you. To change your perspective, consider going outside of yourself. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, youth center, or somewhere where you can give back without accepting anything in return.

I know this may sound counterproductive to your situation, especially if the issue is needing to make money but, the greatest attractor for abundance is gratitude and service of humankind. Plus the experience alone should be enough to lift you out of your pessimistic view of your own situation.

If you’ve been letting your negative attitude control your house, its time to change the atmosphere from one of hostility to one of optimism. Im sure your spouse and kids will appreciate the change in temperature.

Do something nice for all the people in your corner who have been supporting you through this difficult time. Even when your money is tight, there are things you can do to express your gratitude for the people who love you.

Need some ideas? Ask your kids if you can play whatever game they are currently playing with them. Bake cookies together if you have them and allow yourself to be playful and laugh with them. Once you put the little ones to bed, go do that thing your partner likes, but this time do it with a smile and like you actually like it. LMFAO!

It’s going to get better but until it does, focus on remaining positive and do what you can.

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