GEMINI: Solid! … maybe / Spirit said shoot.

Even though things are really good for you right now and everyone can see it, you still feel like an imposter.

I’m getting that you are too afraid to enjoy your successes because they don’t quite feel as solid as you would like. For some reason you think they are supposed to look differently than they do. This could be because you keep moving your target with this fickle mind you have. Your idea of what success looks like on Monday, is a polar opposite of what it looks like to you by Friday. This is because you are a spark that won’t stop long enough to admire the blazes you create.

Gemini, you are okay. You are good enough. You are solid.

Nothing is static in this world, so you have to take the time to recognize and appreciate your good moments.

There’s a need for you to listen to your intuition regarding a love interest. Someone, either you or your person, is on some real in and out energy.

Gemini can be extremely generous when it comes to spoiling their romantic partners but I caution you, if you’re not this in and out energy, your person is and they may just be with you to get some type of gain that has nothing to do with your heart. *Listen to Beyoncé Daddy Lessons

If you are the in and out energy, you should probably pay attention to your finances. Romancing multiple people at once can get expensive and it may be why you aren’t feeling as successful as you should be feeling.

Protect your resources and maybe hold off from completely pouring your all into your person until you can be sure of their motives. In the meantime, count your blessings and show gratitude for what you have.

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