Aries: You’re in your own way.

Love is trying to come in for you but you keep blocking it out.

I can see you sitting on your bed screaming there are no good men. Then, as soon as a man looks your direction you shoot him an icy death glare then go home wondering why you didn’t get approached, lol.

Babe! You are gonna have to let your guard down and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You’re going to have to let someone behind that thick shell you have.

If you keep sitting around telling the universe that nobody that you have met is good enough for you, you will stay in this self fulfilling prophecy.

Get cute, go out, take a shot of your favorite drink, and let yourself just be present. Don’t snarl at anyone. Don’t assume you know everything about someone because of the kind of shoes they have on. Just show up, be cute, and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities.

Sure, you might not meet anyone of substance the first time you try but, by just showing up and being open, you are giving Spirit the space to come in and make some moves.

Who knows, by Christmas you could be getting close with someone’s son.

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