Capricorn: Spread your wings!

The restrictions are finally over Capricorn. New opportunities will be flowing in more freely.

There was a lesson in the situation you are coming out of right now. Spirit had been trying to get your attention and call you to your life purpose and soul mission but you had too many distractions to hear the call.

Since distractions were the problem, spirit simply removed them. This is what was happening with your money, hobbies, friends, family, and anything else that stood in the way of your calling.

If you answered the call, things are about to begin flowing more freely for you. Money issues should begin to subside, your businesses should start growing, issues with family and friends will be resolved amicably, love and relationships will be more meaningful.

You’ve worked hard these last few months. Its now time to celebrate all that you have accomplished.

Don’t forget the lessons you learned here.

You cant ignore your parents playing on the Xbox and expect them to not come and turn it off to get your attention.

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