Aquarius: Lighten Up!

Get down on the floor like a child and play. Go outside and camp with the kids. Get a little adventurous in bed with your partner. Your life is in need of some creativity and playfulness.

If you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem right now, I’m getting that you aren’t finding it because you are thinking too big. I know how that sounds. Spirit is calling you to be more child-like. Scale down the grand idea to something more practical and tangible.

You may find that if you sit this issue to the side for a few days and really engage with the children in your life, you will be able to see a different perspective on this when you return to it.

If there isn’t a current issue you’re working your way through, spirit is saying you are taking yourself too seriously and skipping out on self care in favor of advancement. If you keep neglecting yourself like this, the rewards will not equate to the effort you’re expending. You’re going to be too worn out to truly enjoy anything you receive and that can become a cycle that leads to apathy and lack of gratitude.

Don’t let chasing some fleeting idea of success distract you from the joy of the process.

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