Scorpio: Honesty is the best policy

Energy to embrace: Valuable info, Honesty, Emotional fulfilment, Change, Business minded.

Energy to avoid: Living in the past, Indecision, Impulsive, not counting your blessings.

General Energy:

It looks like this month you are going to be contemplating making a few changes. You may have cast your resume out to test the waters recently. I don’t see you leaving your current position though. I’m getting that you should focus on building the career you already have. Now is also an okay time to ask for a small pay increase, if that’s the reason you were planning to leave. This is the same energy I see you applying to your love life as well. If you’re not getting what you need in love, remember closed mouths’ don’t get fed.

There are many reasons we consider making career and relationship changes.

I think, before you make any decision on either of these, you need to sit down and make an honest assessment of why you want to make these changes. I’m speaking about relationship and career here. Strap on the shoe that fits you.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Are you leaving because the other job or person looks good on your resume or Instagram feed? Have you fully done research to see what the new opportunity has to offer or are you bored? Are you planning to do something reckless just to get your adrenaline pumping? If so, I’d advise yo against it. This month, know your true motives before you make any decisions. Sure, there are beautiful new beginnings waiting for you if you decide it’s time to branch out but, make sure you understand the deal before you sign the paperwork. Be honest with yourself so that you can be honest with everyone else. It’ll make your October go a lot smoother.

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