Libra: When you wall others out, you’re also creating your own prison.

Energy to embrace: Open communication, Spiritual work, Life purpose, New beginnings, Strategy, hope, assertive, focused, direct.

Energy to avoid: Victimhood, Feeling powerless, Aggression, Arrogance, Hoarding, Possessiveness, Self-doubt

General Energy:

Alright Libra, looks like any cashflow issues you may have been experiencing will be clearing up for you this month. If you’ve started a business recently, you can take a sigh of relief because the contacts and resources you have been looking for, will be easier to find this month. Yay you!

This also looks to be a big self reflection month for you. You may have already begun working to find your life purpose and soul mission. If so, this is great and your dedication to your journey will lead you to more financial abundance as well as personal growth.

This month, be mindful of ways you may be holding yourself back. I see you are up in your head a lot about what steps you should take next and your indecision is keeping your feet planted right in the spot they are in. This isn’t helping you. While you may not be feeling particularly strong or confident in your pursuits, creative, business, or personal, September is calling you to get out of your head and participate in your own life.

Your thoughts create the existence you are experiencing so if you are feeling trapped, doubting your abilities, or like you have no control over your circumstances, you don’t. Change your perception, change your life. A bright new beginning is waiting for you if you’re willing to unlock yourself from your self appointed prison.

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