Sagittarius: Going back to the drawing board

Energy to embrace: Starting over, New opportunities, Victory, Boundaries, Sharp mind, Patience, Balance, Movement

Energy to avoid: Compromising on boundaries, Speaking harshly, Unstable emotions, Impulsiveness,

General Energy:

Okay so it looks like you will be spending September healing babes. Someone stabbed you up pretty good and it looks like you are tired and ready to fight about it. Don’t do that. Take this month to slow down and heal. Maybe plan a stay-cation to relieve some pressure.

Kuddos to you for not compromising on your boundaries regardless of what outcomes were promised to you. Your integrity and clear vision of the direction you are leading your life are qualities most people struggle with. I know this time sucks, but you will get through this.

What I do see coming for you is a brand spanking new beginning with a team of people who are more suited to your morals. Be sure to speak clearly in meetings you may have coming up. Prepare and plan ahead what you are going to say. A beneficial person to your future will be present. If you can manage to impress this person, you are going to see things move quickly for you. There may even be some travel involved too.

Pay attention to your savings accounts this month. Now is a good time to review your insurance documents. Not seeing any need for them coming up but, you may be required to get additional vaccinations with this new opportunity. Be prepared. Know where everything is and what your coverages are. Again, if you pull this off, things are going to be moving quickly.

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