Virgo: Minding your own business.

Energy to embrace: Loving care, Supportive, Discernment, Being content.

Energy to avoid: Meddling, Carrying other people’s burdens, Needless worry.

General Energy:

You may be tapped in to be the mediator in an argument this month. Both sides will be looking to you for validation in this argument. Because of the closeness of your relationship with these people you will feel a huge burden being put in the middle like this.

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Well Virgo, guess what? You don’t have to participate in anyone else’s drama. Holding your secret resentment in while you silently create ulcers in your stomach is only hurting you.

Instead, have a quick exchange with these people and gently let them know that you love them both too much to choose sides. Then, humbly bow out and let these two figure out their shit on their own.

There may be some secrets being kept in your relationship. A sit down with your spouse should bring to light any issues. You can only resolve a problem if you know it’s a problem.

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