Gemini: Scrap it! Fresh perspective in your fresh start.

Energy to embrace: Starting over, Saving, New opportunities, Manifesting, Future planning, Working, Investing.

Energy to avoid: Ruminating, Pessimism, Complacency, Living in the past.

General Energy:

Nothing beats a fail but a try. You may be wondering how you ended up right back here thinking old thoughts, feeling old feelings, having coffee or tea with ghosts from your past. Well Gemini, introspection is calling you to realize what parts of those traumas you haven’t fully reconciled with. Sure, you have been doing a lot of great work on releasing the old baggage and working on your development. But, in that process you started on the easily identifiable and manageable and pushed the more challenging work to the back. You’ve now completed your work through the easy parts and now those difficult tasks are front and center again. Let’s dig into the mucky parts so that you can put them to bed for good.

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Saving money and resources is also high on your list of priorities for September. You tend to be scattered and will oftentimes fall into splurging on unnecessary luxuries to mask or avoid your work. You don’t have time for this. The message for you this month is work, work, work, work ,work. Work to start that business, work to heal those traumas, work to save some money, work on mending family issues. Your future success will come from the work you put in right now so get to it! You’ve been manifesting, now its time to put some action behind your intentions.

(Low key, this was hard to write and accept as a Gemini myself. But. I can’t have smoke for everyone else and go easy on myself now, can I? )

Let’s get to work, Gemini!

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