Cancer: Back then they didn’t want you. Now you’re hot and they’re all on you!

Energy to embrace: Confidence, Self esteem, Victory, Success, Excess, Abundance.

Energy to avoid: Users, Internalizing jealousy from others, Self criticism, Putting your foot in your mouth.

General Energy:

Well, well, well, Look at you Cancer. The month of September sees you living lavish and doing it BIG. Looks like all of the work you put in at the beginning of the year has been paying off.

Congratulations! Success looks good on you and I imagine it feels even better.

Lord knows you’ve seen some hardships which undoubtedly is making this victory so much sweeter. It seems there were quite a few people who walked away from you, or who you waked away from this year. At the time, I’m sure this felt confusing, hurtful, etc. But by now, I’m sure you’ve come to understand that walking away from those people and situations are what lead you to the victory your are now enjoying. Be mindful and watch your surroundings though. With success and victory come haters and vultures.

In addition to financial abundance, you are also up to receive some fresh energy in your love life if you’re not already in a relationship, that is. This fresh breeze may also be carrying in those same people and situations that were already resolved. I’m getting that someone from your past is coming back after abandoning you for an unloving, uncouth person. They are coming back to you tail tucked, with their remorse and love in their hand. This could be romantic or in a family situation. Maybe someone chose sides against you in a family dispute and after forming alliance with your opposition they have come to experience that person for who they truly are. In either event, practice humility, patience, understanding and forgiveness.

Whether you decide to allow these people back into your graces is your business but, remember all of the lessons you’ve learned this year about forgiving, letting go, and gratitude. These lessons had a lot to do with the abundance you are enjoying right now. Keep your energy light and loving.

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