Taurus: Let go and let god move through your life.

Energy to embrace: Releasing addictions, Growth, Leadership, Healing, Spiritual Work, Life purpose, Ascension.

Energy to avoid: Carrying excess baggage, Irrational thoughts and anger, Going to extremes, Chaining yourself to an outcome.

General Energy:

Things have been rough for you. There may be some kind of family or relationship drama that you are working tirelessly to get to the bottom of. It’s been a lot to handle but you are almost to the finish line of resolving this issue. Remember to be patient with yourself as well as others. Trying to force an outcome in this situation will do more to add fuel to this flame as opposed to extinguishing it.

There is a silver lining in this conflict for you.

You are growing spiritually and beginning the process of healing from the emotional wounds and the physical, and mental burdens of this situation. If you have been having financial issues, you will find relief soon. If you have recently started a new business, it’s about to take off in ways you aren’t expecting. Everything is coming in for you.

I’m getting that you will probably spend the rest of this month wrapping things up, getting things prepared, etc. But, hopefully you find comfort in knowing that all of the lessons you are learning, all of the healing you are doing, it is all a part of your life’s purpose and soul mission in this dimension. It may not seem like it now, at a time when things are so tumultuous but rest assured, this is all a catalyst for growth, change, blessings, and abundance. Stay strong and know this won’t continue for much longer.

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