Thankful Thursday: 2020 New Year’s Eve, Gratitude.

On Thankful Thursday’s, I will be sharing tips for ways to show gratitude. Giving thanks to Spirit, Source, God, and yourself, is a necessary tool in your spiritual journey and promotes better mental health. By taking a gratitude moment to evaluate your life and find reasons to be grateful, you reduce the likelihood of becoming a self serving, narcissistic, unappreciative, thoughtless, insufferable, self righteous, cunt. I don’t think anybody really wants to become a cunt, right? If you do, that’s your business, but we don’t celebrate those behaviors over here.

Let’s get into it!

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I’d like to start this Thankful Thursday series off by showing gratitude for the year 2020.

I want so badly to declare that 2020 was a horrible year but, I refuse to go that route with this post today.

Instead, I want to proclaim that 2020 was an excellent year!

2020 was a year of growth, expansion, creation, and realization. It was truly a visionary year. This year alone saw more people becoming spiritually, physically, and mentally, self aware. We learned more about ourselves, or at least I did, than we had since we were children. People found their passions and started new businesses. New avenues of entertainment became available. We got out of our houses and into nature, this year. People became more health conscious. We spent time with our children in meaningful ways. We got Donnie out of the White House, and saw the first black woman be elected to Vice President. Through all of the adversity that we encountered this year, we still lived, laughed, and loved. We saw what was most important in the scheme of the human existence in 2020.

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2020 was also a good year for me, personally. I was incredibly blessed. I had true friends by my side. I stayed in good health. I got closer to spirit. I remained employed, and even got a few raises this year. I didn’t lose any family members to the pandemic. I got the chance to do some travelling. I experienced new things. I found love. I became a God mother for the third time. I started finding myself this year. I am truly grateful for the experience.

What I don’t want to do, is come across blind or insensitive to the fact that some people did lose loved ones this year. Some lost people due to the coronavirus, some lost people due to police brutality and racism, some lost people to random acts of life. People lost their jobs or had to take on second jobs. People lost businesses. Mental health issues ran rampant with people being forced into isolation. All of these things were horrible and deserve to be honored in their own respects. However, the purpose of this post is to remind us all that we must remain grateful and appreciative of the things and loved ones that we have with us each day. Being grateful during a hard year, does not take away from the other experiences you may have had. But finding reasons to be grateful for each day, and year, goes a long way towards helping to brighten the darkest days when they do come.

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As the final hours of 2020 tick away I leave you with one request. List five things you have to be grateful for in the comments below. Let’s all share our positive experiences from this year with each other. Here I’ll start first.

  1. I am grateful for my health.
  2. I am grateful to spirit for guiding me through life experiences.
  3. I am grateful my family is all healthy and happy.
  4. I am grateful the I have love in my life.
  5. I am grateful that I am able to share my experiences with you all, and that you allow me to share in yours with you.
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Happy New Year everyone! Be safe and stay socially distant.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday: 2020 New Year’s Eve, Gratitude.

  1. Nidra Gee says:

    1. Grateful for being free of emotional and mental shackles.
    2. Grateful for having the privilege to endure isolation due to the pandemic.
    3. Grateful for the good health of my family, friends, and myself.
    4. Grateful to be able to go back to work.
    5. Grateful for the people still here.


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