2020 The Year In Music: September

September was a reading month.

In addition to reading my tarot cards, tarot books, and tarot articles, I must have made at least three trips to the bookstore. I was insatiable.

The driver a I got our act together, finally. We were taking day trips to serene places around the city. We hit book stores, went for hikes, magic shops, museums. We went everywhere she felt would brighten my spirits and honestly her adventurous nature kept me pretty distracted for a while.

By mid September, my wife and I had, had the final discussion and a divorce was agreed on. I was devastated but also relieved. I was relieved because it had been a year and four months of sitting in limbo. I wasn’t moving forward with healing, I wasn’t moving forward with my life, I wasn’t moving forward with the driver. For a year and four months, I basically preserved myself in the hopes we could work this thing out. We were still in the same spot as we were in May of 2019 and I realized I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, wait around for her to figure it out. Words she had said to me months prior rang especially true the day we agreed on moving forward with the divorce. “I’m not obligated to move on your time, Dylan.” To which I responded, “You’re right, but I’m not obligated to wait around for the things I want and need from you either.” This conversation cut. Still does. But it encapsulates the entirety of our separation from my perspective.

I didn’t tell the driver about the back and forth that was going on in my personal life at the time but, she could see I was not okay. Despite all of her best efforts to keep me mentally occupied, I had fallen back into depression, again. So, she surprised me with a trip to New Orleans to try and lift my spirits. It worked like a charm! I hadn’t been to New Orleans since I was a little girl. I was especially excited since I had just purchased my tarot deck. I was looking forward to visiting Marie Laveau burial site and her home while I was there. Neither of us bothered to look at the news before we drove down so we ended up completely thrown to learn that partying and drinking in the French Quarter was shut down. Damn you COVID!

The French Quarter being off limits for a turn up, ended up not even making a difference. We still had a great time walking, and talking, and drinking in the room, which lead to some pretty steamy… conversation lol. We’d been spending a lot of time together and had been intimate before but nothing like what we did in New Orleans.

I came back home smiling, carefree, and happy.

Nothing like some good ole’ Southern food, hospitality, and W.A.P to lift your spirits.

September theme song: W.A.P – Cardi B. ft. Megan Thee Stallion

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