2020 The Year In Music: October

Seems like for every good moment I had in 2020, a not so great moment was right on it’s heels.

The driver’s birthday was upon me at the beginning of the month. With all of the support and friendship she had given me over the past ten months, I knew I wanted to make it special. I decided to throw her a rooftop, candlelit, Beauty and the Beast themed dinner. I also enlisted the help of her sister, to get her closest family and friends to send me videos of their fondest memories with her. Which, I turned into a slideshow as a gift.

The beginning of October was incredible but by the end of the month, I wanted to scream!

Emotional turmoil was on the menu. I filed for divorce and served my wife with the divorce decree. In standard form, there was no fight, no question, no push back. It crushed me. The driver and I started to fight over my tarot cards, and I couldn’t handle the additional strain. Not at that moment. So what did I do? I pushed her to “break up” with me.

Work was hectic and stressful. We were full in the swing of budget season. My boss was being a cunt and I was being over worked and underpaid. Life got way too hard in October.

All I wanted was a way to take the pressure off.

October’s theme song: Don’t Make It Harder On Me – Chloe x Halle

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