Aries: You didn’t see this coming

Situation: I’m getting that while you were complicit in this entanglement, you never expected it would turn out to be something you needed to heal from. Is this the partner of someone in the family circle? This is giving broke the girl code, or family code. You are up in your head real hard. This wasn’t something that was planned in advance. “It just happened”

Current feelings: Sad. Broken. Alone. Crushed. I’m hearing, “But we sure make it feel like we’re together, cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else.” You’ve fallen in love with someone but the love is unrequited. The things that you two were doing, were under the cover of darkness, and now you don’t feel like you have anyone you can turn to. I’m also seeing that you didn’t know this person had a steady person. They lead you to believe they were single and only once you expressed your feelings to them, did they come clean and tell you they are involved with someone else. Engaged, even. Sneaky link energy. Adjust the roles on this one. This could be you, or your person.

Future: You’re taking this secret to your grave. Choosing to hold this “L” in private is what I’m getting. You are holding on to this tightly! Looks like you’re going to be pulling away from loved ones to try and keep this secret from coming out. At least until after the wedding is what I’m hearing. This situation was always going to play out like this because it looks like there was no expectation or suggestion of love. There were no illusions that this thing would be anything more than physical. But you are still disappointed.

Advice: Playing around with matters of the heart never work out the way you expect. I feel like you thought this would turn into something more than what you agreed to. This disappointment could have been voided all together had you simply not got yourself involved. On some level you knew there was a reason this person wanted to keep things so hush hush. You knew something wasn’t right. But your ego lead you to believe that you could sex this person into choosing you. You know that’s not the way this works. Lick your wounds and commit to making better choices in the future. If this situation comes to the light, you owe the truth to the other person. Apologize and accept the consequences for your actions. What’s done in the dark comes to light, eventually.

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