Self Care Sunday: Cleaning your hair

Hey guys!

Welcome back to Self Care Sunday!

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting ready for the work week, and finding ways to do it in a positive mindset. After Fun Friday and Sloth Saturday, it’s time for me to get ready to get back into the daily grind of work. I usually spend most of the day Sunday cleaning up things I messed up between Friday and Saturday. I spend time with my dog. I map out my to-do list for the following week, eat something incredibly indulgent, and then I cap it all off with a good shampoo, condition, deep condition, and hot oil treatment. Also known as curly hair maintenance.

When I first started out as a natural 4b/4c girl the task of shampooing my hair made my skin crawl. The detangling process alone was enough to make me hyperventilate. But that was because I was trying to rush through a process that should have been fun and relaxing. Once I started looking at the process as a self care routine, it made the whole experience more appealing and now it’s one of my favorite things to do.

All week long I am putting things in my hair. This is both literal and a figure of speech. Everything from pens, oils, butters, work problems, daily stressors, and hair clips, all go into my magnificent t.w.a., and there’s nothing I look forward to more at the end of the week than shaking it all out. During my hair care routine I use the time to conference with myself. I can usually come up with my weekly affirmations and goals too during this time.

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If you are rushing through your hair care routine do yourself a favor and slow things down. Really take in the aromas (assuming you use shampoos that smell great), massage your scalp a while longer, enjoy the cleansing process a bit more. Taking the time to address and stimulate your crown chakra will work wonders for your mental well being .

Outside of the obvious benefits of cleaning your hair as a form of self care, like not stinking up the office and cleaning your scalp. Shampooing and conditioning your hair also gives you and opportunity to scratch out those tough problems or irritants in your life. Sure, they wont literally fall from your hair like a missed bobby pin but the process of massaging your scalp while taking in some light aroma therapy can help clear out the mental fog that may be hindering you from solving world hunger! Well, probably not world hunger but at least a solution to stop your toddler from drawing on the walls with crayons.

Do you enjoy the process of maintaining your curly hair? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite part of the process in the comments below.

Until next time loves!

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