2020 The year in Music: November

I finally got to take a vacation y’all!

This year had been long and rough but I made it through budget season and was ready to get my vacation on, for real! Sure, I had taken a few trips this year but they were more stolen moments, as opposed to an actual vacation. But, in November, I got to take off 13 uninterrupted days in a row! No phone, no email, no expectation to perform. I was off!

The driver and I decided to take a road trip to Oklahoma and it was divine. See for yourself…

In November, I also drafted my final decree of divorce and boy did that bring up some feelings. I had a million and one questions that still had never been answered and they never would be.

The beginning of the holiday season did something to me emotionally that spurred some embarrassing and illuminating moments within myself.

I spent my first Thanksgiving completely alone, without so much as a text message from my soon to be ex wife. It seemed the hurt train would never stop. But I pushed forward, sucked it up and walked with my head high. There were moments of depression but they weren’t nearly as intense as they had been earlier in the year. I got resolved about a lot of things in November, so I needed her to come and pick up her feelings!

November theme song: Feelings – Jazmine Sullivan

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