2020 The Year In Music: May

Gahdayum I was feeling good stepping into May!

Things were progressing nicely with the driver. We were taking local, Covid friendly trips, that mainly consisted of us driving to different cities in Texas and staying quarantined in hotel rooms. We spent the time ordering from local restaurants, visiting outdoor spaces, talking, and getting to know each other. I was feeling good about myself again and had started working out and eating right.

I got the chance to visit Austin for the first time and the trip was amazing. At the time of our trip, some of the bars had started to open back up and we got the chance to visit the infamous 6th street minus the crowds. This trip happened to coincide with the protests and marches surrounding the tragic, yet not unfamiliar, story of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd had been murdered on camera by police during a street interrogation involving check fraud. The nation was pissed and rightfully so. Mr. Floyd’s death was right on the heels of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder back in February. Mr. Arbery was chased down by white thugs and murdered, cold blooded in the street, for allegedly trespassing while on his morning jog. This event was also captured on camera. Everyone saw and everyone was pissed!

Most cities around the country were in an uproar and I was there to witness the hurt, anger, frustration, and outcry in Austin. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. You could hear the battle cry for blocks, as a huge crowd gathered in front of the downtown Austin police precinct. The streets were blocked, and the freeways were at a standstill. People expressed their outrage through controlled vandalism, speeches, public pleas for answers, and calls for justice.

Tensions were high in the country and what started as a feel good month for me, ended in me wanting to find a way to help stop all of this madness. I finally heard the call in May that many people described to me but I never could relate to before. I finally felt like I had the power to stand up for something and affect change in the country. In May, is when I started paying attention to what was going on and letting it affect me in a way that lead me to action. May is when I decided to vote in the upcoming election.

I would be in line voting to make sure the ineffectiveness of the current administration did not continue. I understood it was my job to speak for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Tray’von Martin, Philando Castille, and so many other people who were murdered senselessly in this country because or racism, bigotry, and cowardice.

May’s theme song: I Can’t Breathe – H.E.R

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