2020 The Year In Music: June

Gemini season couldn’t get here fast enough!

June. My birth month. The sun was out. The women were scantily dressed and socially distant, and I was looking to get into trouble with somebody’s daughter, lol. I turned 30, for the fifth time, this year and it was a welcome celebration of my life and accomplishments to date. To see another year on this planet is a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

In June I was very much so, on my bullshit. For the month, I swore off worrying about my marriage. Work was relaxed. Things were going great with the driver, as you can see below. And I was working on figuring out who the hell I was as an individual. That last part is my absolute favorite part about this year. Before June my identity was wrapped up in my marital image, my job title, my role in my family, and my role in my friendships. Once I sat down with myself that month I realized I had very little of a clue about who I was, what I liked, how I give and receive love, or anything else really. In June, I gave myself permission to just figure me out and honestly, the self discovery didn’t work out too well for some people in my life.

Back to the birthday though…

Towards the end of May, during a conversation with my wife, I learned some of her true feelings. One of the takeaway’s from this conversation was the reason she had waited a full 11 months from our original separation date to begin to take steps towards reconciliation. The reason: She didn’t take me seriously and was waiting on me to just say everything was fine and she could come back home. But a year later, when she decided that I was serious, she felt she should give it a try. This conversation added to the savage levels that started back in April. (Click here to catch up.) So Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call the first week of June, asking if I wanted to go to dinner with her for my birthday. Uhm, no thank you.

The Driver on the other hand, was weeks into planning some super secret birthday extravaganza that required reservations, a trip to The Galleria Mall, an armed escort to and from her car, and secret clues for what was ahead for me. I was excited no lie!

The big day came and I was ready to see what all was in store for me, but I won’t tell you about it, see for yourself in the pictures below.

Not too shabby for a first birthday experience, right? I thought so too!

I spent a lot of time reflecting on where I was, how far I’ve come, and where I was looking to go next. While I had lost a lot since my last trip around the sun, I had also gained so much more, I just didn’t realize this in June.

June was a month of evaluation, resolution, and perspective.

In June. I was a hot girl, doing hot shit.

June’s theme song: Girsl in the Hood – Megan thee Stallion

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