2020 The Year In Music: March

After the storm of emotions, and lack there of, in February I was looking forward to being able to breathe in March. It started to warm up outside and I was getting back into my pre-depressed routine. I was running in the mornings, writing in the afternoons, and practicing self-care in the evenings. Work was humming along at a manageable pace and I finally felt like I was outside of the barrage of bullshit that seemed have been raining down on me all year.

My wife was still not taking any meaningful steps towards reconciling our relationship and I was starting to come to my own conclusions about the whole thing. After all, it had been ten months since I called the separation and we were in the exact same place as we were that day in May. I started getting out of the house more and exploring the city. The driver and I were moving from casually dating to seeing each other pretty regularly. I was doing things with the intent to break myself out of the cycle of crying, drinking, working, and repeating, that I had been stuck in for weeks.

I was just getting settled into this new way of being when the government told us all we had to sit our collective asses down somewhere and shelter in place. There was another big bad monster, other than good ole Donnie Trump -lestiltskin, on the scene and its name was Coronavirus. Fuck!

The world changed. The literal shit had hit the fan and the worst part about it, there was no tissue ANYWHERE to clean it up. The U.S was in a state of panic. Conspiracy theories of Marshall Law being enacted, confusion on what exactly a quarantine would look like, food and supply shortages, all lead the entire country, including myself, to near hysteria. For those of us who battle depression and anxiety, this is the moment we had all been planning for.

Finally a socially acceptable reason to lock ourselves away from the big bad outside world and revel in our fortresses of solitude. Only one problem with that though. We got bored in the house and sat in the house bored. So what did we do? We turned to Tiktok! Not me. That was y’all.

March’s theme song: Bored in the House – Curtis Roach

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