Gemini: You’re going to hurt yourself.

Situation: You’re obsessed. You need to LET GO. There’s a break up that you are still searching for answers about. The more removed from this situation that you get, the more you are clinging to straws about things that are irrelevant.

Current feelings: This has become an addiction for you. You’re exhibiting all of the signs of someone with an addiction. This mental inquisition has taken over your life. No matter how hard you try, you’re not coming up with the information you are looking for and its stressing you the hell out. You’re depressed. it’s making you cold and a tad bit mean. Mean is a bit strong, we’ll say aggravated. This is an intellectual pursuit. You are looking to settle your mind by going down every road, investigating every lead, obsessing over every word, thought, suggestion. You are committed and its spinning you out.

Future: Manifestation is a hell of a drug. If you keep going down this road, you are going to find the hurt you’re looking for. You’re pushing your ex for answers but what you don’t realize is, it’s probably for the best that they aren’t telling you the whole truth. But! If you insist. Your ex is gonna tell you about all ten times they stabbed you in your back and I promise its gonna leave you metaphorically bleeding and crying on the floor.

Advice: LET GO!!! Fix your crown, pack your bags, and walk away. I promise if you just accept things for what they are, you will stop losing sleep over this and actually find your happiness. It’s time to move on, leave this toxicity behind and build on a better future. Besides, your intuition has already shown you all that you needed to see and how to protect yourself. Trust yourself. Just let go. There is a silver lining in this cloud. This heartbreak has lead you to your spiritual awakening and a stronger connection with God. Find peace in that.

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