11/11 Ascension Portal: Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Money.


We have another portal coming upon us in a few days and I’ve got some new information about what is coming in to us as a collective. So! Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

The 11/11 portal is all about transformation and stepping into our power. This portal will be bringing us into a higher level of awakening by giving us an increase of knowledge on how to better use our spiritual gifts to help ourselves, as well as others. Through this increased awareness, we will be able to help bring others into consciousness.

This portal serves as our graduation from the initiated to the initiator.

The 11/11 portal will also be bringing truth, divine judgement, financial abundance and a change of luck all the way around. The wheels of karma are spinning in your favor and justice will be coming in to you. We are about to receive a level of clarity on all things love, career, finance, connection to spirit, and the purpose of our gifts in a way that will make it impossible to deny the information we receive.

We are also being drawn to our communities during this time.

As a part of your spiritual journey, you began to outgrow friendships and relationships that didn’t resonate with the new you.

For a lot of you, the loneliness of not having a community around you has been challenging, to say the least but, as we move through the 11/11 portal, we will be drawn to our soul tribes.

To get a better understanding of what I’m explaining let’s look at the numerology and tarot influences of this portal.

Understanding the numbers.

11/11 is a master number that super charges our manifestations into creation. And, with 2021 being a numerology year 5, we’re in for quite a shake up with regards to our personal, financial, and spiritual transformations. Here’s a quick numerology and tarot breakdown in case you’re completely lost on what I am talking about.

Numerology and Tarot of 1:

Numerology: New. New. New.

The number 1 marks the beginning of a new cycle. New ideas. New inspirations. 1 is the number of self, independence, trust, and confidence. The number 1 encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and into a higher version of yourself.

Tarot: The Magician.

The magician represents the understanding that you were given everything that you need in order to reach your full potential as a birthright. With all of the tools, skills, and wisdom available to you, you have the power to co-create with spirit to bring about any number of manifestations, in any variation, suitable to the need. This card, to me, represents the power of creation. The ability to create something from nothing. The ability to make, new.

Numerology and Tarot of 11:

Numerology: Spirituality.

Master number 11 represents a high level of spiritual enlightenment. It represents the openness to become one with the spiritual world and the acceptance that there is a greater power than ourselves. 11 is represented by the intuition of the High Priestess tarot card and the manifestation abilities of the Magician tarot card.

The marriage of the two is the embodiment of the meaning of this number. A balance between manipulating the energies of the ether to produce tangible materials in the 3D. Master number 11 is a call from Spirit to pay attention to the details around you and determine if you need to change your perspective on an issue or to alert you that it’s time for introspection to expand your knowledge.

Tarot: Justice.

Justice represents bringing balance to all situations with fairness, truth, and law. It is a reminder to always move in alignment with the wisdom of your higher self. Justice is a call to account for your actions, good or bad, not for recognition or punishment but as a guide to bringing you closer into alignment with Spirit.

Numerology and Tarot of 5:

Numerology: Change!

5 represents conflicts that inspire change. The number 5 invites us to openly explore, without limitation, the options around us. It calls us to not commit to any one thing but to be open to all. It’s open-mindedness, free spirited, noncommittal, joyous, passionate, and curious.

Tarot: The Hierophant.

The Hierophant represents a teacher, mentor, or counselor who will be available to you on your journey, or the role you will be stepping into.

Keywords and Phrases of the 11/11 Portal:

  • Self expression
  • Leadership
  • Strength
  • Illumination
  • Abundance
  • Freedom
  • Understanding your gifts.
  • Mastery of self and emotions.
  • Changing perspectives on love.
  • Victory / Success
  • Recognition
  • Fertility
  • Passion
  • Confidence


Are we all on the same page now with my interpretations of the numerology and key aspects associated with the 11/11 portal? I hope so! Hopefully, you are beginning to understand the magnitude of the combination of this number set. With the master number 11 repeating itself, or doubling it’s own energy, and combining with the number 5, we are looking at massive increases in spiritual enlightenment that will bring about monumental shifts in the vibrational frequencies of yourself, your immediate collective, as well as the global collective.

How do you know this is your ascension bus?

I’m glad you asked!

For a while a lot of us, and I say us because I am a part of the collective I channel for, have been feeling like something has been missing that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on.

This would manifest in feeling like you are called to do something but you’re not quite sure what it is.

Maybe someone in your circle feels off but you don’t know what it is about their energy that’s making you feel this way.

It could feel like there’s a secret everyone is in on except you.

Maybe your finances have been all cinched up for no apparent reason.

There has been an energy of restriction around, like we have been close to breakthrough on our manifestations but couldn’t bring it all the way home.

In whatever way this has popped up around you, you know there is something that is being hidden from you.

Well darlings, this 11/11 portal is about to bring it all to light in waves. With the sun in Scorpio all that has been shrouded in mystery is about to be revealed. The moon is in Aquarius for this portal so a lot of introspection and self evaluation will also be on the books for you. The reason for the restriction was to bring you into balance. You needed to learn to work with a full range of tools not just the ones that come easily to you. Whatever restriction that you’ve been experiencing was the area your needed to learn to master.

The 8/8 portal was about balancing the polarities in your spiritual journey, effectively becoming an alchemist. What you learned was how to navigate the extremes and temper your influence on yourself and others to bring about balance. We’re talking transmuting energy, managing your emotions, letting go of fear, gratitude, acceptance, and understanding of oneness.

11/11 is about being able to walk from one end of the spectrum to the other as needed, to help pull people to the balanced center, i.e. awakening.

In the past few days or weeks, you have have begun to meet new people who seem to be an extension of yourself. You each identify with each other as if you were long lost relatives. If this hasn’t happened for you yet, pay attention to any seemingly random invitations to go out and do things you don’t normally do. Accept invitations to hang out in places you don’t normally hang out from fear of being uncomfortable. The people you need to meet will be at these places.

Okay Dylan, this is all great but didn’t you say something about my money, too?

I sure did buttercup!

We are talking expansion on all levels y’all! (I’m a Texan, don’t judge me, lol)

We’ve been told to focus on our bag all year long. The call to be creative, focus on your personal goals, conserve your resources, and put forth the extra effort at work and on personal projects is about to pay off in a BIG way.

We’ve got some serious Empress energy coming into play. You are about to start seeing the pay off for all of your hard work and dedication in the form of promotions at work, being able to supplement your income as an entrepreneur, and unexpected money coming to you. If you are trying to become pregnant, or are already pregnant, spirit is going to bless your womb and protect the child that is growing within you. New business, new opportunities, new abundance, new life! We made it guys!

Now is not the time to get lax though. We still have quite a bit of work to do to help bring this planet into alignment. So celebrate your wins, but stay on task.

That’s all I got for you guys, but!

I’d love to know if you’re planning to do anything special for the 11/11 portal. You can tell me all about it in the comment section below.

One thought on “11/11 Ascension Portal: Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Money.

  1. Jen Gee says:

    Divine timing! I really think it’s important for us to take a step back and feel what’s around us to see the growth and continue to move forward. This makes me want to go further into numerology and really understand the importance of dates and time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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