Pisces: Bright ideas lead to bright futures

Energy to embrace: Inspiration, Business minded, Future planning, Moving forward with ideas, Change, Balance.

Energy to avoid: Lack mindset, Stagnancy, Indecisiveness, All talk no action.

General Energy:

That business idea that you’ve been thinking about. The one on your mind right now. Yeah. That one. Get up and go do it. I see you are going back and forth with a decision to branch out on your own and pursue your own goals but every time you get close to pulling the trigger you shy away. It’s a great idea and you should totally go for it! Starting something new on your own can be scary but you have your intuition and creativity backing you up.

I wouldn’t recommend running out on flights of fancy right now. Meaning don’t quit your day job until you get a handle on this new venture of yours. If you can, start by scaling back on your responsibilities. Delegate what you can to free up some time to devote to your craft everyday.

While we’re talking about money, this is also a saving month for you. I wouldn’t recommend extravagant purchases right now. If you’ve been thinking about taking a big vacation, I’d hold off. For now, stick to smaller more cost effective trips. Yeah, I know a Caribbean island getaway is what you’re desiring most but, maybe compromise by heading to a beach you can drive to and pretend like you’re on the island. You will need your extra resources to support you in the business idea. Thank me later.

If love is on your brain, don’t feel like you have to buy your partner. Creative gifts and dates will score you major points in this department. If you’re single, get creative with where you are meeting people. The bar scene is played out. Maybe you can find your partner at a sip and paint event, maybe while riding bicycles through your city, maybe while walking your dog on a new route. Don’t be afraid to switch things up.

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