Capricorn: Think it through, then get it done.

Energy to embrace: Thoughtful decisions, Wise spending, High standards, Discipline, Integrity, Progression, Independence.

Energy to avoid: Living in the past, Being impatient, Laziness, Distractions

General Energy:

September is a focus month for you. If you are struggling with leaving behind past relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or you’ve been delaying a move, now is the time to put butt in chair and get a handle on these situations.

Continuing to avoid these situations will only ensure that you continue to carry these burdens into the next month, and the next, and the next.

Take some time to sit down and make a plan to tackle the items on your to-do list, and then do them. If you’re struggling to let go of a past relationship, hit the bookstore and pick up some self help books or schedule and appointment with a therapist.

If you are holding on to a “safe-bet” job that brings you nothing more than a steady paycheck and stomach ulcers from resentment, it’s time to freshen up that resume and get it out there for people to see.

Feet stuck in the mud about a move? Well it’s time to unstick them and settle on a place.

Been planning to move out of your parents house for almost as long as you’ve been living with them? Well it’s time to pack up that suitcase and start moving towards the door.

Exciting new opportunities are waiting for you if you just step out on faith. Plan, research, and execute is the theme for you in September. It’s time to start working towards all those manifestations you’ve been sending up!

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