Witchcraft Wednesday: What the fuck is Clear Quartz?

What the fuck is a clear quartz crystal?

Clear quartz is a colorless or translucent crystal that ranges in opacity from clear to milky or cloudy, in appearance. It is a natural form of silicon dioxide that ranks at a 7 on the Mohr’s hardness scale. This crystal has a high vibrational frequency and is best know for its range of healing properties. The crystal quartz is also an aid to all other crystals amplifying their effects. It is most known and used for its ability to provide clarity, improve concentration, stimulate the immune system, and bring balance to your body.

What do you use it for?

  • Energy Management ( absorbs, stores, releases, regulates)
  • Raise vibrations (amplify the healing properties of nearby crystals)
  • Store energy and information (It will hold on to intentions)
  • Intention setting and manifestation practice
  • Removes blockages
  • Aids in concentration
  • Brings clarity of thought (Struggling to figure out what to do with your life? You need this crystal.)

Where do you store, or place, clear quartz?

Well that girl, that’s going to depend on the way you use your crystals and what you use them for.

Since I use my collection in groups, I store them in groups. When I need to transport or put them away when certain people come to my house… yeah, lol. I like to use clean white cloths and satin satchels. You can find the latter at most jewelry stores, always amazon, or the magic shop. It’s up to you. Other than that, when my crystal friends aren’t in service, I store them in areas around my house that will allow them to clear and recharge in both sunlight and moonlight (Don’t worry, we’ll get into this in another post.).

There are different opinions and practices that are recommended for crystal storing, but these are all opinions based on the individuals experience. I would be remiss if I didn’t caution you to treat your collection with respect. What you put into them is what you get out, energy wise.

How do you use crystal quartz?

This is another of those grey areas, where it really depends on what resonates with you and your practice. I place mine on any blocked chakra during mediation. There have been times where I’ve needed clarity on love issues, so I stored it under my boob, close to my heart, while having those conversations. Sometimes, I just can’t seem to focus so I hold it, toy with it, squeeze it, while I redirect my thoughts to the hardness of it.

You can use crystal quartz in any way that feels authentic to you. Here are some general guidelines on how to get the most out of your clear friend:

  1. When you first purchase them, clean them in cool clear water. No soap or chemicals. You could even smudge, or sage them to clear any trapped or incidental energy from them. You want that baby clean, clear, and under control, okay?
  2. Before you use them, set an intention. Meaning, talk to it like you would a friend or family member. Get close with it. If it helps, share a secret with it. The purpose here is to really connect with the crystal and try to transfer the intention to the crystal. Like GPS, it needs an address to get you where you’re trying to go.
  3. When you are finished with your clear quartz, (note the specificity, clear quartz is a different kind of girl from other crystals) you need to release those energies from her. Remember this baby holds energy, so if the work you are doing is resetting or clearing energy, that energy left you and went into the crystal. For this, I recommend you clear her often. I do this by saying a small prayer to release the negative energy from her and then leave her outside to charge in the both the sun and moon light. So a full day and night.
  4. Store her near crystals whose energy you want to amplify, or alone in a cloth pouch.
  5. Thank her.

I’d recommend this crystal for anyone who is just starting out as I’ve found it helped me very early on with my journey. At the times when I couldn’t see myself or was unsure of the messages I was receiving, the crystal quartz was my best friend.

And there you have it friends! Your starter guide to clear quartz crystal. Just like the rest of your spiritual journey, your individual experiences with the tools you are given, or decide to use, depends on the energy and effort you put into them.

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