The Great Conjunction: Your Superpowers are Ready!

The Great Conjunction is happening today and black people are ready for their super powers already. Confused? Here, let me explain.

On December 21, 2020 the planets Saturn and Jupiter are set to align and appear as “super stars” in the sky, this is known as the Great Conjunction. This event happens every twenty years or so but the last time the Great Conjunction was seen this close together was in the Middle ages; Somewhere in the year 1623. Because of the rarity of this event, people are assigning all kinds of spiritual and cosmic predictions as to what this event will bring and how its effects will affect us all. It seems everything from the end of the world to being blessed with superhero like superpowers have been predicted to occur at midnight, and I don’t know which assertion is more humorous.

We are warned every year, that the world is coming to an end so there was no real stock placed in that theory but, the idea of being able to demonstrate super natural powers, that is a whole different kind of mood. These superpower theories originated in one of the best comedic places on Beyonce’s internet. That’s right, black twitter. Comments stemming from a tweet about the pandemic and our government have snowballed into the meme frenzy that you’ve undoubtedly seen by now. People internet wide are casting their requests for tailor made superpowers and today is the day they are slated to be bestowed upon those of us that were blessed to be born melanated.

I’ve seen people wanting the ability to time travel, teleport, fly and the most ambitious of us are harboring the hope of becoming an all around superhero. While I would love to wake up tomorrow with the ability to materialize anything and everything on demand and at whim, I hardly doubt anything this super naturally extreme is coming our way.

What’s happening?

Saturn, the planet of limitations and restriction represents our boundaries, commitment, and self control. Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and healing represents higher learning, abstract thought, and exploring ideas. To have these two planets conjoin in the house of Aquarius, which represents freedom, humanitarianism, and idealism, guarantees to bring forth power changes in the way we present in our worlds. Our thought processes are to be affected in the most positive ways leading to enlightenment in multiple areas of our lives which will feel magical.

Astrologically, the Great conjunction is HUGE.

It is worth noting that while these two planets both represent power and authority, they manifest in different ways. Saturn being the strict parent and Jupiter being the fun one. The key with these two is balance. It is my understanding that what is actually coming our way is mental clarity, a better understanding of one’s self, receiving intuitive messages that guide us towards our higher calling, and a desire to gain knowledge in areas of ourselves that were previously hidden. To me, these are superpowers we could actually use.

This conjunction is a great time to pinpoint a specific goal and work diligently towards it. With Saturn’s firm loving guidance and Jupiter’s affirming nature, manifestation is nearer to reach. Now is the time to let go of the old ways of thinking and patterns that no longer serve your higher calling.

What does this mean for your zodiac sign?

Superpowers for Water signs:

(Scorpio, Pisces, & Cancer)


This will be a total experience for you. During this time you will be able to evaluate and determine when to share and when not to share. Wholeness of self is coming for you. If you have been having issues with trust, communication, or vulnerability, the Great Conjunction is ushering in a new era for you to resolve these issues in a way that will feel safe for you. Now is a great time to reconnect with your spiritual practice of choice.

Keywords: abundance, believe in yourself, change, acceptance, release what you no longer love.

Superpowers for Air signs:

(Gemini, Libra, &Aquarius)


Buckle up great communicators, it’s about to be a wild ride. Now is finally the time for you to get out and really explore life. It’s time to throw a bit of caution to the wind and open yourself up to the possibility of fun. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Dream big!

Keywords: Embrace the present, growth, letting go, unpredictability, trust, go with the flow.

Superpowers for Earth signs:

(Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn)


Take a look at your career as it stands right now because this is perhaps the last time you will see it on this small of a scale. Career growth is on the horizon for you. Being open to change will serve you well as your profile is raised professionally. A new job title, more money, or even positive attention surrounding your venture may manifest for you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Loosen your grip on life, and don’t settle to avoid discomfort.

Keywords: Newness, conquering fears, releasing limiting ideas, leap of faith, releasing control,

Superpowers for Fire signs:

(Sagittarius, Aries, & Leo)


Your kindred spirits are on their way to you and the exchange between you will be dynamic. New friendships and possibly relationships are on the horizon. You may to meet a new mentor or become a mentor for someone in need of your wisdom and guidance. Be open to learning and welcome opportunities to seek guidance.

Keywords: Learning, Reflection, Growth, Self expression, Understanding, Release the past.

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