Straight Pride?

What would that look like?

I’m quite literally asking, what that would look like.

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For gay pride there are rainbows everywhere. Signs are carried and posted calling for equality, love, validation, inclusion, and a range of other basic human rights. There’s performers that represent the many faces of our cause, allies, friends, and family, out to celebrate our advancements and to help us continue to call for full acceptance and rights as human beings.

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Veteran’s Day, there’s men and women who have served in the armed forces out in uniform to celebrate the achievements they have made towards improved healthcare and resources for veterans. There’s the American flag, battalion flags, and banners representing the many branches of the military. Again, family, friends, allies, and supporters are in mass to help support this cause.

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Women’s March. People out in mass, wearing pussy hats calling for the protection of the health, rights, communities, and safety of women. Their marches are decorated with pictures of women’s reproductive organs, the crowds don pussy hats and carry signs calling for the inclusion, consideration, a woman’s right to autonomy of her body, and the protection of women.

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So what would Straight Pride look like? I honestly can’t even imagine it. I have no earthly clue what the posters would read. What would the crowd be calling for? What’s the identifying symbol of the movement? Hell, most importantly what would be the purpose of such an event? An end to discrimination against heterosexual people? Inclusion? Representation? Justice? An end to hate crimes committed against them? An opportunity to teach straight history? ….uuuhhhhmmmm.

Every year around the time for LGBTQ Pride some heterosexual group rears its head calling for the need for a Straight pride event and you have to wonder why this happens every year during June, the month widely known as LGBTQ pride month. You don’t hear about this in March during St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t hear about this during February for Black history month, although you do hear more calls for White history month during that time, you don’t hear about this during Women’s March, Veteran’s day, or any other time that a large group of people get together to celebrate or bring awareness to a specific cause. Why?

In my opinion, it’s not because heterosexual people feel an actual, genuine NEED for such a cause. Why? Because we are taught heterosexual history from the time we are old enough to retain information. Heterosexual people are not in any increased danger of being assaulted, murdered, fired, denied housing, access to health care, or denied basic human rights simply because they are heterosexual. This isn’t to say that heterosexual people don’t face any of these disparities, maybe if you’re straight and African American, straight and Mexican, a straight woman of any race, anything other than a straight white male, straight and…, is my point. For all the straight and’s of the country there have been valid causes created to support the many injustices they face so what would be the mission, the battle cry, the agenda of a Straight Pride?

In my opinion, the agenda of Straight Pride would be:

  • Further spread hate and bias towards the LGBT community
  • Complain about being asked to reckon with their bigotry
  • Publicly shame members of the LGBT community
  • Push the rhetoric that LGBT people are less than
  • Try to incite fear into the hearts of ill informed heterosexual people about the “agenda” of LGBT persons.
  • Exercise their “God” and “superiority” complex while using their privilege to undermine the efforts of the LGBT community

In short, such an event would be nothing more than an annexed chapter of the KKK minus the need for hoods and anonymity. Kudo’s though for the assumed step in the right direction regarding inclusion as I’m sure more than just one race will be present should such a thing come to fruition.

Basically, there’s no reason for a Straight Pride event to exist. Much as there is no reason for a white history month.

Now, so far, the later part of this piece is solely my opinion and speculation of what the event would be, created in the absence of any hard facts that would suggest anything to the contrary. But, as a reasonable person capable of listening to reason and logic I implore any reasonable person with a sound argument for why such an ADDITIONAL space needs to be created for heterosexual people to please, make your self known and let’s have a conversation about this.

Until then. I’ll continue to assume that this cause is nothing more than a hate group looking to create another platform.

2 thoughts on “Straight Pride?

  1. Tremaine Nicole Chambers says:

    Isn’t everyday a straight pride day? The heterosexuals get to flaunt their sexuality in our faces every day and there isn’t much we can do about it, but as soon as our community tries to do it its considered a disgrace or abomination and we are punished? Help me understand the logic.


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