Aquarius: You already know the truth.

Situation: You’re laying awake at night either wondering if your person is watching porn again, talking on the phone with someone else, or you’re going through their phone and social media while they sleep. You know that you’re being gaslit by your person but you haven’t been able to find cold hard proof of their transgressions. Not for lacking of trying though.

Current Feelings: Your intuition is telling you something isn’t right and its got you plenty pissed. Rightfully so! I see a lot of arguments, random crotch checks, popping up at places your partner tells you they are going to be. You’re doing A LOT right now. I’m getting a couple things here. For some of you, you feel like your person is talking to their ex wife again. For others, you suspect random sex with strange women of the night or engaging in porn, I’m also hearing sex addiction. You know you’re being juggled you just don’t feel like you have enough information to walk away, yet.

Future: You will be walking away from this situation. Though, probably not without a proper tongue lashing. I’m hearing plies “You BIG mad”. Whatever your situation, I see you walking away leaving no chance for reconciliation. Like moving out of the house while they are at work and leaving behind a scathing Dear John letter. I’m seeing a lot of you want to do petty, possibly illegal things as a form of pay back. I implore you to make better decisions.

Advice: The fact that you’re going to such great lengths to try to catch this person up is enough for you to simply walk away. I know you feel like you need proof because you want vindication for your suspicions, but guess what? You’re causing more stress and damage to yourself by holding on to this and sticking around to fight. Your intuition has told you, and shown you, all you need to see. Its time to boss up, pack your stuff, and go gracefully into the night.

Let’s go little kitty cat…

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