Witchcraft Wednesday: What the Fuck is a New Moon?

Welcome back to Witchcraft Wednesday guys!

Witchcraft Wednesday’s is all about sharing with you my knowledge of common tools used in spiritual practices.

That was pretty simple to explain. Let’s get right into it!


What the Fuck is a New Moon?

The new moon is essentially the other side of the moon. During most of the moon’s cycle we are able to see it in the night sky because it is being illuminated by the sun. But, during a new moon the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun, with the sun backlighting the moon, exposing us to the side of it we don’t regularly see.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and we get a new moon roughly every thirty days. The new moon is said to be the perfect time to plant the seeds of plants that sprout above the ground. This same logic also applies to your manifestations and intentions.

When is the next new moon, Dylan? I’m so happy you asked! As it turns out, the next new moon is on July 9, 2021 at approximately 8:16pm!

Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovsky on Pexels.com

What the fuck are you supposed to do on a New Moon?

Well aren’t you just full of brilliant questions this evening!

The new moon is a spectacular time to:

  • Take a spiritual bath! – A spiritual bath is a bit different from a regular bath. A spiritual bath is a cleansing of your energy and spirit. Start with a clean and clutter free bathroom and tub. As the water runs and begins to fill your bath tub, say a prayer or set and intention for what you hope to achieve during your spiritual bath. Things like resetting energy, inner clarity, healing, restoration, etc. Once you set your intention, you can begin to add your supporting herbs, oils, flowers, bubbles, whatever you choose to add. For instance, if your intention is to clear your energy, you could add pink Himalayan sea salt to your bath. Rose water promotes self love. Milk and honey promotes inner and outer beauty and makes your skin feel buttery soft.
  • Meditate – As if you needed anther reason to meditate. Meditation is one of my favorite things to do these days. Allowing the space for answers and clarity to come in to me has become my favorite addictions and I hope it will become yours too. The new moon is an excellent time to check in with your higher self and acknowledge any new information that is available to you.
  • Set goals – Setting goals is a form of planting seeds for harvest. Sitting down and committing to paper what you hope to accomplish over the course of the new moon’s cycle is a manifestation that is being grounded for harvest. Try to set meaningful goals at this time for best results. When your goals actually mean something to you, spirit recognizes and opens up lanes of co-creation for you to bring your desires into the tangible world.
  • Light Candles – Lighting candles helps to charge your intentions. I like to choose my favorite candle and hold it in my hands for a few moments. I allow my heart to fill with gratitude for all of the blessing I have already received. Then, I focus my thoughts on my intentions and I channel my energy into the candle. I light it up and allow the flame to burn for as long as it feels right. When I’m done, I extinguish. Since I tend to get kind of extra with my spiritual baths, I mainly do this as I sit in the tub. I am at most my most relaxed state there and I feel it really helps me to connect with the practice.
  • Meet new people / open yourself up to new experiences – Again, the new moon is all about planting seeds for harvest. If you find you are being invited to go out, try a new place, or meet a new person on the new moon, take the opportunity. At worse you get a new experience to write to me about. At best, you could have just met your new best friend, love interest, business partner, or you will just have a really dope time with some cool people.
  • Set a sacred space / Move your sacred space If you don’t already have an alter or sacred space you go to, to speak with spirit, meditate, store your tools, etc. the new moon is the time to do this. Don’t know what an alter is or need some ideas about how to construct one? I’ll be sharing everything I know about them on the next Witch Craft Wednesday so stay tuned. 🙂

These are just some ideas of some things that would be good to do on a new moon. Just as with everything else on your spiritual journey, your practice is personal to you so if you want to modify this list of ideas or scrap it all together, that’s your business! The main thing you should focus on, during the new moon is performing activities that will bring you a harvest. Whatever that looks like or feels like for you is the right thing to do.

Do you already have a new moon practice? Do you perform rituals that aren’t on this list but you feel they should be? I’d love to learn something new from you. Leave it in the comments below or email me and let’s talk about it!

Until next time folks!! 🙂

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